An Open Letter to the Defeated

Dear Defeated,

I know how you’re feeling. Overwhelmed, down, and out. You see, I’ve lived for 25 years on this earth. I’ve been through many of same things you’re going through. I’ve dealt with defeat, depression, anxiety, and a whole host of mental difficulties. I’ve battled disease and disability. I’ve fought addiction. I’ve been in places so low that getting back to the surface felt like an impossibility. But I’m here to tell you that things will not always be so bad. You can get back to a place where you feel in control and victorious over your own life.

That pervasive, ever-present lonely feeling is but an illusion. You are not alone. Your family loves you. God loves you. Your friends, who you may feel don’t understand, still love you. They are there for you. You no longer need to hide in the darkness and nurse your wounds in a place absent of the light that can save you. Turn to God. Read the Bible. Pray that He will help you through this difficult time and open your eyes. There is always help available.

Your biggest detractor is yourself. Just when it seems things may be getting better, you focus on your faults and beat yourself back down. This is not only unfair to you, but it’s unfair to those who admire and adore you. There are many people who care about you and look up to you. When you keep yourself in that low place, you can’t be the person that they want and need. You have broken many hearts – including your own. It’s time to heal. It’s time to rise to the occasion and take back control of your life.

Don’t listen to what others may say. They don’t know you or the immense pain you have experienced. Those telling you that it’s too late to make a change are wrong. You have your whole life in front you and today is first day of the rest of it. Trust me, in a few years or even a few months or even weeks, what you’re facing today will seem like nothing more than a bad dream. Words hurt, but they are only words. You can choose to tune out the hate and discouragement and tune into the encouragement that is available.

Underlying the sadness in you is an anger that few others have experienced. My advice? Get angry. Embrace the rage. Redirect the fury into a positive direction to overcome the sorrow and motivate yourself to rise to a higher place. Stop being mad at yourself and get mad at the things that are holding you down. Feeling angry is no sin; transgression only comes from acting negatively on that anger. The ire you hold towards your situation can be your greatest asset if utilized correctly. Gather all your pain and suffering. Turn them into strength and weaponry to overcome the war that rages in you.

In the meantime, continue to take care of yourself. Do anything you can to distract yourself from the pain that will soon pass. Go outside. Go for a walk or a run. Go to the gym. Eat plenty of good food and get plenty of rest. Read a good book. Pray and focus on Scripture that relays the promises of God. Rely on those that love you. In time, you will find that the bad times pass. Holdfast to what is good. You have no idea just how insignificant your troubles are in comparison to the blessings that will soon be poured out on you.

You are not defeated.

With love in Christ,


“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” ― 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


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